Black History Month Series: Jean Michel

As a teenager, my appreciation for things did not exist.

One of those things, in particular, was art. Ironically, as part of a French assignment, my class and I had to go to an exhibit that featured the artist Jean Michel Basquiat. My sixteen year old self had never even heard of him, and truly resented the fact that I would have to sacrifice a Saturday to see an exhibit of a man who’s art I did not understand.

Philistines 1982 - Basquiat
Philistines 1982 – Basquiat
Fallen Angel 1981 - Basquiat
Fallen Angel 1981 – Basquiat

I know, I know. I was a very annoying teenager.

Fast forward to today, I am fully able to understand and appreciate his cultural impact. He broke all of the rules. An unconventional, Haitian American, Jean Michel’s art inspired many artists who not only looked like him, but who have also been told no.

Basquiat x Komono

There’s nothing better than being a pioneer and a rule breaker.

Who’s your inspiration?


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